Usinage Servitech

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Usinage Servitech


The mission of the company

Usinage Servitech inc. is specialized in the manufacturing, the repair and the refurbishing of industrial mechanical parts of small and medium sizes, in short or medium sets. We are working with all kinds of material. Because of their experience, our representatives can assist you with the resolution of your problems. Size: 25,000 pi2. Material handling capacity of 10 tons.


Human resources

We have thirty-five employees ready to serve you. They are divided in 2 shifts one day shift and one night shift. Our employees have trainings in sectors like conventional machining, CNC machining and welding. They are, of course, supervised by a dynamic team, effective and competent.
Usinage Servitech's Services

Services Usinage ServitechEquipments
Services Usinage ServitechCnc machining
Services Usinage ServitechBoring mills & welding
Services Usinage ServitechMiling machines & lathes
Services Usinage ServitechMethods
Services Usinage ServitechWelding assembly